Leopard Safari

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Leaopard Safari in jaipur

Spread in an area of 20 sq km Jhalana Leopard Safari Park is home to 15-16 leopards out of which 6-7 leopards have their territory in tourism area of park. Situated right in the heart of Jaipur city closer to Airport, Jhalana slowly is becoming a favorite destination to spot leopards in wild. This otherwise shy cat is the apex predator here and does not have much competition for survival which makes them bold and confident and therefore better sightings .

Once a reserve forest around Jaipur, Jhalana has always been home to leopards and other smaller fauna including spotted deer, blue bulls, wild boars and loads of resident as well as migratory birds. Safari at Jhalana has been operational since December 2016 and as of now two safari routes are open for visitors.

Timing & Duration of safari

Leopard safaris at Jhalana are conducted in two slots and the conservancy is open throughout the year for visitors. Good news for wildlife lovers who find it difficult to bear with mandatory closure of National Parks and tiger reserves between July till September end each year.

Duration of each safari is 2.30 hours and only limited number of vehicles are allowed on each track.

PeriodMorning SlotEvening slot
1st August to 31st Oct6.45 AM- 9.15 AM3.45 PM -6.15 PM
1st November to 31st January7.00 AM-9.30 AM3.15 PM- 5.45 PM
1st February to 31st March6.15 AM -8.45 AM3.45 PM -6.15 PM
1st April to 31st May5.45 AM-8.15 AM4.15 PM-6.45 PM
1st June to 31st July5.45 AM-8.15 AM4.45 PM to 7.15 PM

So even if you are visiting Jaipur for work / leisure and are unable to visit the famous two tiger reserves in close proximity- Jhalana leopard safari is your wilderness getaway . Get in touch with us for booking a leopard safari and we would take care of the rest.