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Up Close With Elephant

Up Close With Elephant

Elephant eating watermelon at eleday
feeding elephant
elephant ride

Introduction about elephant 

1. Traditional way to get on elephant and get down.  

2. Bathing the elephant.  

In the late afternoon it is time to wash and scrub the elephants. You can give Shower to your elephant and Wash & Scrub them in the garden. 

3. Bare back Elephant ride at our park and in village.   

4. Feeding to the elephant.  

You might have heard of the saying “love goes through the stomach”? Well, elephants are no exception. Feeding is the easiest way to gain their trust. You will get a chance to feed them while learning their feeding habits and what they enjoy most – EATING  
“For the Love of an Elephant”

5. Cooking for the elephant. 

6. Painting 

Learn about the completely natural paint that is used to paint the thick elephant skin. Learn how to create a traditional painting on the elephants face. If you’re not great at drawing don’t worry, we can paint the outlines on their face if you like and then you fill in the gaps with the colors of your choice.   

Included in the package : 

English Speaking guide

water bottle & cold drink

Pick up and drop back to hotel