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rajasthani thali food of rajasthan

Just how “Be like Romans in Rome”, be a “local from Jaipur”. Well, doing that isn’t difficult. All you need to do is love the place with its rooted essence. Sight-seeing and photo walks of royal palaces have its importance.  Jaipur also has its rich culture embedded in its cuisine. With its tasteful flavors, the local dishes of this place will surely harmonize each note of your taste buds. Whether you are a chef or not, but if you are passionate about food. Then knowing its tradition and cooking style is also a great form of appreciation one can do.

So if you are in the city or soon visiting, do not miss out reading the information shared here in this article. To make your trip more memorable in the walled city here we are sharing some of the Best Rajasthani Food in Jaipur which you should taste. After all, indeed, life is endlessly delicious if you don’t skip the food from the place you are visiting.

mataka tea in jaipur

Refreshing Jaipuri Tea

Though the tea has its popularity across the world but its preparation also matters. You are a tea lover or not, the ‘Jaipuri Masala Chai’ (Tea) worth a try. Be it summer, winter or monsoon every sip of freshly the brewed tea with a perfect blend of spice and herbs. That will ooze energy and power in your blood cells. While not to brag, but even its aroma is a good stress reliever.

Street Food

When talked about the best food in Jaipur, its street food can’t be missed. Very obviously as a visitor you might know the best food joints. That’s where Jaipur food tour service providers can help you. While walking through the lanes for shopping you can treat yourself. Enjoying delicious snacks like Chaat Papdi, Dahi Vada, Pyaz ki Kachori, Mirchi Bada, Lassi, and Rabri.

street food in jaipur
sweets taste

Sweets taste

In the list of food tour Jaipur, sweets own a separate listing. Whether you are a hardcore diet follower or foodie. The sweets of the city like Ghewar, Kesar Jalebi with Rabri, Mawa Kachori, Phenni, Churma, Gajak, and Moong dal ka halwa cannot be skipped. All prepared in desi ghee these are the special Rajasthani sweets, whose authentic taste can be found in the pink city only.

Rajasthani Thali

The snacks and sweets can be enjoyed anytime in the complete day but Rajasthani Thali. Whether you want to experience royal indulges or know the flavors that make Rajasthani food so popular across the world. You can never have enough of it. Keeping up the heath aspect without missing the good taste. The authentic wholesome meal includes preparation of exotic dishies like Ker Sangri, Gatta, Kadhi, Daal Bati, Churma, Raita, chapatti, and buttermilk.

Contrary to being popularly called as the walled city. The place offers exploration of many hidden treasures in different ways. This is why it’s a perfect destination to visit again and again but not missing its scrumptious food that contains the traditional taste of the region.

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