Elephant Ride in jaipur

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Elephant Ride in Jaipur - You Need To Know About The Royal Ride!

Jaipur famously renowned as the pink city is the royal capital of India’s largest state, Rajasthan. Jaipur breathes royalty and wealth. With its gigantic forts, alluring palaces and enormous lifestyle, this city well reminds us of the royal era. If these poised attractions do not tend to mesmerize you, then you could always experience the grandness of it by taking an elephant ride in Jaipur. It would definitely be a great experience for you to recall for years. The beauty of these animals decorated in royal colors would definitely impress you. These enthralling animals also showcase a great amalgam of painted colors which reflect beautifully. This joy ride takes you to the entrance of the Amber Fort, up the steep slope. It is definitely a ride worth taking.

Elephant Ride at Amber Fort

The elephant ride up the steep hill commences from the car parking lot and ends at the courtyard of the Amber Fort. The total duration of the trip is estimated to be around 20 to 30 minutes. The trip duration varies from elephant to elephant and also on the traffic. The cost of taking an elephant ride up this hill is INR 1100 for two. You can enjoy the setting sun while sitting on the back of an elephant. This mesmeric view would enthrall your senses and would surely give you a taste of royalty to experience. The Rajasthan government conducts regular checks to ensure the safety and the welfare of these animals. These checks have been implemented to ensure the safety and limit the cruelty to these animals.

Why the Elephant Ride in Jaipur?

The elephant safari starts from the bottom of the hill and takes you on a joyous ride up the hill towards Amber Fort. Why people mostly prefer to take this elephant ride in Jaipur? It gives you enough time to stand witness to the marvelous architecture and wealth of the grand Amber fort. You would be ensorcelled by its vast gateways, towering arches and its colossal palaces.

If you think this wasn’t enough to satisfy the wanderlust in you.. Apart from these, you could also indulge yourself in other activities such as bathing and feeding the elephants. These are a fun-filled activity.

This trip would not only be worth your money but also your time. It’s not every day that you have an elephant and take a royal ride inside a humongous fort. It provides you with an opportunity to embark on a new journey and feels close to nature. These lovely animals which carve for your love would enthrall you with their caring and docile nature. A trip to the Amber fort would be incomplete without taking a joy ride on the back of an elephant.

Best Time to Visit Amber Fort for Elephant Ride in Jaipur.

The best time to visit the fort would be early in the morning around 8:00 AM to beat the queue for taking an elephant ride. It is challenging to get hold of a trip during the tourist season because elephants have limited rounds.

Ticket Price for Elephant Ride at Amber Fort.

The fare for this ride does not vary from day to day and remain constant for both adult and child. The fare for an elephant ride for an Indian national would cost 1100 INR. Elephant ride is starts at 8:30 AM every day and ends by 11:30 AM. This ride will over once they drop at amber fort main court yard.

Booking of an Elephant Ride in Jaipur

Tourists can either use sites such as Eleday and Elefun, or they could book it via the local ride operators.

The Welfare of Elephants at Amber Fort

The treatment and conditions of the elephants for amber fort have greatly improved over the years. Government of jaipur is now ensures that the animals are healthy and routine inspections. They are limited to only three trips a day and can carry only two passengers plus the driver per trip. This is not bad for elephant health.