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We Can also customise travel plan of india, so please give us oppourtunity to customise your travel plan!!!

Contact us to know more about elephants. Learn about them.

You can see an elephant at national parks of India, but not in huge groups. Only a few elephants are present there with their family and make true value of existence of elephants. However, It might be a sort of adventure for you to play and experience a real elephant. Walking, cooking, feeding and painting on elephants.  All these activities measured as fun activities.

Want to look a real elephant. Activities you should contact the operator so they offer you an elephant safari. Eleday offers you ride on an elephant. For a closer look at elephant activities. Such as walking, feeding or washing. There are Painting classes for an unforgettable and exhilarating experience.

Visit our photo gallery and see images and activities of elephants at our camp. Eleday is the hub point for elephants, where you can get elephant safari.