Elephant Ride In Jaipur

Eleday is a unique and inspiring experience so that we have put together with love elephants. It is a kind of activity with Elephant ride in jaipur. Which is quite special and we are sure you would not have seen anything like this before. 

It is the experience of owning a beautiful creature like elephant for day. You can feed elephant banana and also wash them. this is what makes Eleday a must do activity. 

ELEDAY: Up Close With An Elephant​

A day full of adventure with these beautiful & magnificent creatures. It is a special chance for you to Get close, become friends with elephant. Interact with elephants for real.  Have elephant ride. 

We love our Elephants and do not support any activity, which is cruel or harmful for them. In our paintings, we use organic colors.

All our elephants are female elephants. which also makes them loving and gentle and no aggression towards guests who feed them. Play with them or bathe them. 

Our family have been take caring of elephant since 2009. We have created these activities for people who love elephants. Want to share there love with them and they need it also.

 Now its your time to be the family of these beautiful elephants.



Elephant painting


Well painting will be one of the most intriguing part of your visit. We call them as “MOVING CANVAS” cause they move a lot. as when you paint them you will experience the same.

The color we use here are water/herbal colors easy to put easy to wash away, keeping the skin of elephant safe. 

Colors which we use is natural ans easy washable.


Every elephant needs to walk at least 10 kilometers cause of digestion system, so it’s always better for them to walk. 

Elephant ride is good for them, its same like we do workout.

We allow two people only for the ride. So walk or ride with elephant. Indirectly its good for elephants.

In Nature They are always walking and eating food. 

With us is also same they walk or some time they go for ride. Some time they go for walk. Rest of the time the eat food only. 

fun activity elephant ride in jaipur
washing elephant elephant ride in jaipur


The day of elephants begins with a shower by their respective Rider (Mahout). Later when you will paint them you can give them a bath and get more close to them.

you will be very surprise that they love to get a bath.

We are not having any pool or lake but still you can bathe them at our park.​

In winters we never wash them cause of the cold.

Feeding Fruits

To tell you elephants love this part especially when the see bananas, Its like chocolate. The next Favorite in the list is Sugarcane.

Elephants can eat continuously for hours!! yes they have a big appetite. At our farm we’ll give you information on what and how we feed them what all special herbs we give them to beat the heat.

Around 200-250 Kilogram food they eat in a day. Nearly 16-18 hours they eat only.

Elephant eating watermelon at eleday

Note: Washing in winter season (November to March) is not possible as Elephants can get cold very Fast


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