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Eleday in Jaipur, India is a fantastic way for you to get hands on experience and make a real difference to the lives of our elephants. Stay in the most exciting, innovative, working elephant village in India, dedicated to conserving elephants. You can learn about their basic habits of food, life and traditional decoration.

You will be enjoying with the biggest but the most gentle animal in the world. By learning to take care of them, feeding, watering and bathing you will have a chance to create your own bond with them. Their individuality will teach you about how important it is to contribute to their survival.


Joy Shekhawat

Elephants are considered as an important part of fauna the world over. In medieval times their role was broadly seen as being part of cavalry meant to carry Emperors and Kings in battle, partaking in religious ceremonies and hauling of timber in woods and forest regions. Elephants are found in different countries but the most common are Asian and African elephants. Nowadays, the population of Indian elephants is rapidly dwindling and it looks like they could disappear if prompt action is not taken. Currently there are only a few places where we can see elephants in India.

Elephants can be seen at national parks of India, but not in huge groups. Only few elephants are present there with their family and make true value of existence of elephants. It might be a sort of adventure for you to play and experience a real elephant. Walking, cooking, feeding and painting on elephants all these activities measured as fun activities which you want to experience while being near to an elephant.

If you have a desire of looking at a real elephant and its activities you should contact the operator who can offer you elephant safari in Jaipur. We at eleday offer you ride on an elephant, a closer look at activities of elephants such as their walking, feeding, cooking, emoting, washing & swimming and painting classes for an unforgettable and exhilarating experience. You can also take pleasure of Jungle Safari, Pink City Safari and Royal Safari with eleday.

Visit our photo gallery and see images and activities of elephants at our camp. Eleday is the hub point for elephants where you can get elephant safari at different forts and sight these gigantic but gentle herbivores from touching distance.


You can find elephant park in Jaipur, but none of them can offer what we do.

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